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Colony Collapse Disorder
Bee Syndrome
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 Vanishing Of The Bees: see vanishing bee mystery examined along with petition. 


Missing Bees & Colony Collapse Disorder
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*A Bad Batch Theory Example 
  [as predicted]

I proposed BBT (5/22/07) to explain CCD; scroll past news item to read my original hypothesis.

BBT Vindicated
>Germany: a Bad Batch causes bee deaths 
   Bayer says an application error by a seed company which failed to use the glue-like substance that sticks the pesticide to the seed, led to the chemical getting into the air.

Bayer CropScience spokesman Dr Julian Little told the BBC's Farming Today that misapplication is highly unusual. "It is an extremely rare event and has not been seen anywhere else in Europe,"

It transpired that this year’s corn seed in Baden Württemberg was accidentally coated with a double dose to counteract a corn beetle infestation.  

>Coalition Against Bayer


Room 322 eXclusive

Bad Batch Theory says Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is caused by GM related products. 

Every mass produced product sooner or later has a bad batch.  Sometimes it's dangerous.  You've seen that happen with automobiles, hamburgers and pet food. 

Having read all the vanishing bee reports on the web, I 've enough information to make a layman's guess as to the cause. 

First, I must tell you, nothing new has been uncovered since CCD was announced as a serious global problem.  Countless missing bee stories only recycle the initial information I posted below. 

Most striking is the consistent absence of GM plants from investigator's CCD cause lists.  Why is this? 

Also consistent, is their 'many factors' analysis; reminiscent of the diagnosis for mass bird die-offs. 

The problem with an electromagnetic pollution, or sunlight polarization theory, is not all bees are effected.  Only patches of bees.  And the CCD effect is recent, something the has happened since the summer of 2006. 

CCD patches are spread around the world, but primarily showed up simultaneously in the northern hemisphere.  It's hard to imagine a virus or bacterium having a timeline distribution pattern like that of CCD. 

Since many commercial hives, all the organic hives, and the killer bees are healthy, parasites too are unlikely. 

I don't know how the chemical companies treat seeds to modify them[1]. But they sell billions of seeds a year; and since their designer crops don't reproduce, factories must be constantly manufacturing more seeds.

My theory is, someone is turning out large bad batchs of seeds and / or pesticide.  And distributing the product globally.  Then bees are traumatized by such nectar or pollen.  Maybe poisoned.

But not every batch is bad.  Plants mature in different seasons and seeds can lay in the earth for over a year.  That's why CCD patches seem to jump around

Bad Batch Theory also explains the sudden emergence of honeybee CCD. 

Check it out.

Oris Bracken

PS  I have received mail from people believing the culprit is nicotine based pesticide designed for GM plants.  Linda Molton Howe is a leading proponent of this approach.  Bad Batch Theory applies to pesticides, as well as GM seeds. 


[1] Have learned they use GLUE to hold the pesticide.  Because of  no Agricultural Agency quality controls very likely more than one Bad Batch, probably a percentage of annual factory treated seed production is faulty.  --And what about the GM itself?


   I maintain that in addition to Bad Batches of pesticide there are Bad Batches of GM seed.



A List of Honey Bee CCD Theories:

[scroll down for updated missing bee news] 

>Cell Phones Cause Bee CCD 
Researchers from Chandigarh's Punjab University claim they have found the cause which could be the first step in reversing bee decline: They have established that radiation from mobile telephones is a key factor in the bee CCD phenomenon and say that it probably interfers with the bee's navigation senses.

>Bee CCD Cause Unknown  
  Media reports have continued to stress the pesticide connection as the leading causative factor behind the nation’s declining bee population. To date, no scientific evidence directly supporting this conclusion has emerged.

>Monoculture & Monsanto = CCD   
  Colony Collapse Disorder report from Dan Winter: The Global Bee Death 

>Bees Die Mostly Of Starvation  
  CCD causes beekeeping Economic Collaose Disorder: --responding beekeepers attributed 32% of their own bee deaths to starvation! 

>Pesticides Blamed For CCD  
  Now a new study by the insect research charity Buglife and the Soil Association has claimed the decline was caused in part by a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids.

>Mobile Phone Towers Threaten Bees 
 An experiment conducted in the southern state of Kerala found that a sudden fall in the bee population was caused by towers installed across the state by companies expanding their networks.  EMR eemitted by cellphone towers crippled the "navigational skills" of the worker bees that go out to collect nectar from flowers to sustain bee colonies

>Viruses Attacking Bees
 CCD probably isn't caused by a single virus, but by multiple viruses that wear down the bees' ability to produce proteins that can guard them against infection, according to a new study.

>Heated High-Fructose Corn Syrup  
 Some commercial beekeepers feed bees HFCS to increase reproduction and honey production. When exposed to warm temperatures, HFCS can form HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural ) and kill honey bees. Some researchers believe that HMF may be a factor in Colony Collapse Disorder, 

>Loss Of Ribosomal Function = CCD   
 Bees in CCD hives have unusually high levels of ribosomal fragments, a symptom of infection with multiple picorna-like viruses,.

>CCD Cause More Varied Than Expected  
 Bees may be dying not from a single toxin or disease but rather from an assault directed by a collection of pathogens.  More 'theory of everything'....

>Increased Pathogen Susceptability = CCD
 Higher pathogen loads are likely to have caused CCD symptoms, but what causes the bees to become infected with so many pathogens is still not known.  Here is research paper.

>Poisonous Pollen And Bees?
  ETH Zurich scientists test whether the pollen of certain flowers contains toxins that give bees an upset stomach and protects the plant from the diligent pollen gatherers.  They don't mention GM plant pollen may be incompatable with many bees. 

>Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) Did It  
  Scientists from Spain analysed two apiaries and found evidence of Honey Bee Colony Depopulation Syndrome (also known as Colony Collapse Disorder in the USA and Vanishing Bee Syndrome in England). They found no evidence of any other cause of the disease (such as the Varroa destructor, IAPV or pesticides), other than infection with Nosema ceranae.

>Theory Of Everything - SA Reviewed   
  Idea is there is no one CCD cause: beehive infections, lack of food, pesticides and breeding - none catastrophic on their own - are having a synergistic effect, pushing bee survival to a lethal tipping point.  Yes.  But no.  Fact is there was a 'last straw' and that is what we seek  I say BBT.

>Theory Of Everything  

>CCD And Electrosmog 
  Orientation and navigation of bees are disturbed by man-made electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.  In-depth info.
>NRDC Sues EPS To Solve Bee CCD
  Legal experts and a leading bee colony collapse researcher are convinced that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has evidence of connections between pesticides and the mysterious honey bee die-offs reported across the country.  
  In 2003, EPA granted a registration to a new pesticide manufactured by Bayer CropScience under the condition that Bayer submit studies about its product’s impact on bees. EPA has refused to disclose the results of these studies, or if the studies have even been submitted.

>240,000 UK Hives - 1/3 Are Dead 
  National Bee Unit attributed high bee mortality to wet summer in 2007 and early part of this spring confining bees to their hives. So pathogens built up and spread ... but Beekeepers Association says causes are unclear

>Mites Might Be Bee Colony Collapse Cause  
  The tracheal mite and the varroa mite are wiping out entire bee colonies, according to researchers at Pennsylvania State University.

Pesticides Cause Bee Deaths
  "Colony Collapse Disorder is a false name that serves to mislead the public into believing that there's a new, mystery disorder, probably something very complex, that needs tons of money to be thrown at it so that every possible angle can be studied."

Bayer uses a glue that keeps the pesticides stuck to the seeds [see BBT]. Clothianidin and Imidacloprid are both members of a class of pestcides called neonicotinoids. They are well known as insect neurotoxins, especially with regard to bees.

>Greenhouse Bee Disease To Wild Bees 
  Researchers say disease spread to wild bees from commercially bred bees used for pollination in agriculture greenhouses may be playing a role in Colony Collapse Disorder.

>Bees Go Off-Color When Sick
  "There is concern about both the decline in wild bumble-bee species and the effects of disease on the honeybee industry. It has been shown that learning is vitally important to how well a colony prospers. This effect of immunity on learning highlights a previously unconsidered effect of disease on bee colony success."

>Pollution Makes No Scents  
  Vanishing bees and bad air investigators. Research at the University of Virginia concludes increased air pollution dulls airborne fragrance of flowers. Unable to smell their way to sources of pollen, the bees are dying off.   

>DWV - Deformed Wing Virus       
  Missing bees and the virus hunters: "Experiments and field observations have shown that V.destructor is able to transmit several different unrelated honey bee viruses, like acute bee paralysis virus and Kashmir bee virus as well as deformed wing virus," 

>Honey Producers Association.President
  Missing bees: "I don't believe they're disappearing, I believe adult bees just aren't living as long as they used to. Their lifespan is being shortened and they die off in flight."

>Bees Seeking Sugary Aphids 
  Vanishing bees caused by vanishing flowers. 

>Marie Celeste Syndrome  
  Colony Collapse Disorder and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus has Scotland worried about more bee deaths. 

>Pesticide Blamed For German Bee Deaths 
  CCD? 29 out of 30 dead bees checked were killed by contact with pesticide chemical
clothianidin. Strange ... article does not mention manufacturer's name, Nor CCD. 

>Quality Of Pollen Reason For Missing Bees  
  Helps explain the recent dramatic decline in certain bumblebee species found in the shrinking areas of species-rich chalk grasslands and hay meadows across Northern Europe.

>Air Pollution Impedes Bees' Pollen Gathering 
  This study is becoming 2008's Missing Bee Colony Collapse Disorder theory.  See 4/16/08.

>Flowers Losing Smell Affects Bee Colony  
  Missing bees, are they lost?  Flowers no longer advertise presence over as large an area, bees forced to search farther and longer for pollen. 

>British Honeybees May Be Gone In Ten Years 
  "...virulent diseases and parasites spread through the nation's hives...."  [As usual, no mention of GM crops.  See my BBT below.]

>Israeli Paralysis Virus Killing Western Bees
  Bee Colony Collapse traced to Australia? USA scientists report: "We have not proven a causal relationship between any infectious agent and CCD,"  But then claim to find a strong correlation between Bee CCD and IVAP virus, 

>CCD Laboratory Photo Gallery.
  This team was looking for bee pathogens and not problems with  the GM crops.  The group recognizes the possibility of non-pathogen causes: "...other suggested contributors to CCD include pesticides, drought and nutritional stress." 

Note: they didn't include faulty genetic engineering. 

>Asian Parasite Killing Western Bees 
  Bee Colony Collapse traced to Aisa? Spanish scientist claims: nosema ceranae.

>Fungus Or Inflavirus May Be To Blame  
  These theories don’t explain how it got from Florida to Pennsylvania and Germany, then spread across USA and Europe.  Strange they aren't looking at GM crops. 

>Bee Colony Collapse & Handset Radiation   
  I doubt cellphone theory (may be 'false flag' waved by chemical interests) because Vanishing Bee Syndrome is too recent.  I do believe that dramatic EMR field alterations from everything wireless--these past 50 years--is polluting our molecular ecosystem. 

  If VBS is caused by GM pollen or a poison for use with GM crops, there will be worldwide outrage.  Some giant Texas chemical companies will be shaken to their roots.  Perhaps that's why no major GM investigation, yet.


>The Bee: Beedazzeled by Andrew Gough 
  Missing Bees and Vanishing Bees not the topic of this link, but the best --most informative--article I've read on the bee and humanity.  At least, look at the pictures..


MISSING BEES UPDATES will be posted throughout 2008.  Vanishing Bee research has minimal government funding, new facts slow to come. 

>Rescue Bees Die In Hibernation  
  An "international rescue mission" to tackle Britain's pollination crisis has suffered a setback after a shipment of bees due to be imported into the country died just days before their release.

>Millions Of Bee Colonies Die  
  The world faces a future with little meat and no cotton because of a catastrophic collapse in bee colonies, experts have warned. Some experts believe bees are heading for extinction.

>American Bee Catastrophe  
  Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) startied iin 2006 and  led to the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of colonies. Since then more than three million bee colonies collapsed in the US! Disturbing new evidence ndicates honeybees are in terminal decline. 

>Theives Steal Japinese Beehives 
  Japan Beekeeper and Honeybee Association has warned its members about a spate of hive thefts caused by a government ban on honeybee imports. The ban is to prevent the spread of Colony Collapse Disorder. 

>CCD In San Antonio Area  
  Ray Park, who watched his bee colonies shrink by more than half in the past three years. “You make new hives and they die again. It goes on and on and on.”

>USA Bee Decline Continues  
  Data from the US Department of Agriculture show a 29 percent drop in beehives in 2009, following a 36 percent decline in 2008 and a 32 percent fall in 2007.
>CCD Photo From California
  It's spring and with the flowers come new reports of Bee Colony Collapse.

>Truth About Vanishing Honeybees  
  Vanishing bees not good, but not catastropic like UK movie Vanishing of the Bees portrays.  Article debunking CCD for scare info: "Pollinators are important for many crops, but it is a myth that humanity would starve without bees..." also "CCD and spread of Varroa mites iare real phenomena, but they are short-term blips...".

>GM Bees To Better Fight Mites   
  Honey bees are now fighting back aggressively against Varroa mites, thanks to Agricultural Research Service (ARS) efforts to develop bees with a genetic trait that allows them to more easily find the mites and toss them out of the broodnest. 

>Bee-eating Hornets  
  South-western France: "We have literally been invaded," said Raymond Saunier, president of the Gironde department's beekeeping union. "In the past two to four years we have lost 30% of our hives. All it takes is two or three hornets near your hive and you've had it."

>England's Honey Bees Under Threat
  Honey bee colonies are dying at an alarming rate due to disease and a lack of coordinated response by health authorities, a parliamentary report concluded. 

>Slower Decline Of Honeybee Colonies
  U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers found that honeybee colonies declined by 29 percent between September 2008 and early April. That's an improvement over the last two years, when researchers found that 32 percent and 36 percent of all beekeepers surveyed lost hives. 

>Bee Burglers And Growing Black Market 
  Rising interest in beekeeping has coincided with a dramatic reduction in the bee population in Britain caused by vanishing bees and Bee Colony Collapse Disorder, leading to a sharp increase in the value of a common-or-garden honeybee.

>Co-op Bans Eight Pesticides 
  First UK supermarket chain – and Britain's biggest farmer – to prohibit chemicals implicated in the death of over one-third of British bees. 

>Bee Buzz Scares Caterpillars 
  Yet another reason to be worried about the decline of bee populations due the mysterious syndrome known only as Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.

>European Bee "Recovery Zones"  
  The recovery zones will provide bees places to buzz that teem with a diversity of plants rich in nectar and pollen, as well as free of pesticides.

>Plea for more CCD research cash 
  Brittish bee keepers calculated that up to two billion bees succumbed to sickness between November 2007 and April 2008, with a similar number expected to be wiped out by the end of this winter. 

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is blamed.   And decline in honey bees threatens the sustainability of home grown food.

>Coming Winter Could Be Tough For Bees
 One of the more recent findings, from a Pennsylvania consortium of researchers, is the observation that bees that encase some of their pollen in wax, creating an entombed red mass, face a higher risk of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder than bees that don’t.

>Brand New Bayer Insecticide Tank Explodes  
  Evidence destroyed?  Witnesses reported seeing a red fireball and feeling the blast as far away as Charleston. Bayer officials said in a statement that by itself, Larvin does not generally burn.  Said the tank involved in Thursday night's blast contained a variety of waste products that were used to make or are created by the production of Larvin.  Bayer officials were primarily concerned about the presence of methyl isobutyl ketone<co >, or MIBK, a highly flammable solvent that helps to make Larvin.

>Fungus Foot Baths Could Save Bees 
  Researchers at the University of Warwick are examining naturally occurring fungi that kill the varroa mite. Exploring a range of ways to deliver the killer fungus throughout the hives from bee fungal foot baths to powder sprays.

>Fewer Bumblebees No Beans
  Crops of broad beans not developing pods --is this a sign of things to come?  "I couldn't understand it last year – I hardly got a bean, but every year previous to that they had been fine. My neighbour's the same – she was fine up to last year. I think it's to do with pollination.  Missing bees."

>USDA Still Hasn't Funded Bee Research 
  Vanishing bees?  Missing Bees?  Hey, bees are a bug. We have better things to spend your money on.  Like building the world's largest embassy in Iraq.

>Last Flight Of The Honeybee?    
  Hackenberg was the first beekeeper to report that his bees had vanished. On a November day he checked the hives in his Florida bee yard to find bees missing. "They weren't dead, they were just gone." 
>Britain's Bees Gone In 10 Years? 
  Good discription of what it takes to start a bee colony.   

>Devon UK Bee Numbers Plummet 
  Missing bee losses much greater than 2007, when about 15 %. Bad weather last summer, means queen bees don't mate properly. But also verroa mite spreads viruses around hives"

>Bee Loss Sours Economy In Texas
  “At present across the U.S., there is almost no honey to be had,” said Fowler, of Fowler Honey Bee Farm in La Vernia, Texas, which sells raw honey to South Texas retailers. Many believe bulk of missing bee loss is result of parasitic mites.

>Survey: 36% Of Bee Hives Lost In U.S.  
  Missing Bees: "Imagine if one out of every three cows, or one out of every three chickens, were dying. That would raise a lot of alarm."

>1.1 Million Bee Colonies Dead This Year    
  "Missing bee losses now are estimated, by my survey this week, to be, instead of 35%, closer to 44% of all the U.S. bees died last winter."

>Haagen-Dasz Funds Missing Bees Effort 
  H-D gives $250,000 in CCD Missing Bee grants to universities ... introduces Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream with proceeds to help fund research.
>Haagen-Dasz @ 
  Cool site (sic) -broadband, make-a-bee and send.


Science articles below are good reviews of the 'official' possible causes of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. 

>"Biggest general threat to our food supply." 
  Scientists have begun to wonder if mankind is too dependent on honeybees.  "Do the hives with missing bees have the resilience to bounce back?  We'll know probably by the end of this summer."

>French beekeepers cast doubt on neonicotinoid pesticide theory 

>French pollen researcher casts doubt on bee CCD information  
  "The statistics that have circulated in recent press articles are not correct."

Missing Bee Map

click for CCD FAQ - PDF

February 2007

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder USA Red States

Room 322 Opinion - Missing Bees

If GM crops are involved with Vanishing Bee Syndrome and are three possible causes.  

1. Viruses have been introduced into agricultural plants to kill pests, the virus can jump species inside families, either sexually or by horizontal gene transfer. 

2. Many commercial plants are genetically-modified to resist pesticides, thus not normally used weed poisons are sprayed on field crops.  
Both alterations indicate potential for a non-organic pollen problem.  

3. Also, most GM crops are designed to not reproduce.  Seed must be purchased each year.  This means unnatural pollen, or even an absence of pollen.   

Bees or no bees, it’s time we recognize the growing menace of genetic pollution. 

O. B.

Missing Bee Terminology: Vanishing Bee Syndrome (VBS) is now the major cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  The malady may be the result of genetically engineered (GE) crops being improperly genetically-modified (GM) and field tested. 

Before genetic engineering, plants and animals were genetically modified by organic technics following the Laws of Heredity discovered by Johann Mendel. 

Missing Bee Discussion - Viewzone
Honey bees are dying --What's going on? 

>Houston Texas relocates bee colony, $1,500+   
  USDA Research Service: "The bee population will be high enough to pollinate crops through next year," she said, "but if the problem isn't solved after that it could affect pollination." USDA cause list, pesticide, new fungus, pathogen, parasite --excludes GM crops.

>Houston..."we have a hell of a problem." 
  Texas Chief Apiary Inspector: " happens overnight without warning signs of distress and with no evidence left behind.  Bees simply disappear." 

>Vanishing Bee group discounts cellphones      
  Bee breeder Danny Weaver of Navasota, Texas, is president of the American Beekeeping Federation.  

  Field test:  Weaver got honeycomb from a collapsed hive and placed it near other bees and bee parasites, including wax moths.  He reported nothing would go near it.  "Ordinarily, other bees would be robbing that honey; moths would be all over it. But nothing."

[There may be a warning odor, bees and moths have a fine sense of smell.  It's likely not the wax since honey was in the comb.  Perhaps the pollen, the nectar, or something in the bee enzymes releases  bad odor in proportion to a hive's stored volume.  O. B. - 4/26/07] 

John Caldeira, Dallas, Texas, writes:  "Bees prefer to live where bees have lived before, so a bait hive will be more attractive if it has an old frame of honeycomb in it or otherwise has a good bee-smell." 


The Birds & The Bees - 2007

The decline of birds is related to the decline of bees.  Many berry and seed plants need bee pollinators to make bird food. 

>The Turkeys & The Bees    
  Diesel-driven Bee Slums and Impotent Turkeys

                    Honey bees that never returned.

Texas Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

>Texas honey bee colonies disappearing  
  Texas beekeeper for 25 years: " Texas, CCD seems to be linked to honey bees that worked canola and cotton..."  

 GM FACTS: Canola--aka rapeseed or LEAR oil--was the first seed oil created through genetic engineering.  Cotton is the world's major genetically-modified crop.

>Mystery disappearance of US bees   
  Honey bee population in Texas has fallen more than 70 percent.  Finger of suspicion points at pesticides like neonicotinoides, known to poison bees.  

>San Antonio missing bees mystery  
  "Reasons for honey bee colony collapse range from pesticides to bacteria, viruses or fungus, tainted sugar supplements..."  
  [Why aren't GM crops on this CCD mystery list?] 

>Rural bee report south of San Antonio     
  "Everyday, our pool had hundreds of dead bees floating on the surface." 
>Texas bee losses extreme in some cases 
  Texas A&M study of Colony Collapse Disorder reveals large number of disease organisms present, most “stress related” diseases, but no single agent of bee colony deaths.  
  Again, missing bee cause list excludes GM crops.  Texas A&M has been a major player in the genetic engineering of GM farm and ranch plants.

  And, it's interesting, this is the same 'stress' diagnosis A&M gave for the 63 Austin Dead Birds. 


Near my home outside Austin there are forager bees in the desert sumac and larkspur blooms.  But I don't see any fat, slow moving bumblebees covered with thick hair, black-brown and gold.  

I'm monitoring a fallen post oak housing a bee colony, trying to determine if they're Africanized honey bees.  Killer bees were brought into the Americas because they produce more honey than native bees. 



science study archive 
Items Related To Bad Batch Theory 

>USDA CCD Action Plan PDF  6/2007
  No mention of GM crop engineering among possible causes of  Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.

>GM Can Hurt Birds & Bees  4/2005
  Says world's biggest study on  GM crops

>Evidence Shows Dangers of Roundup 4/2005
  Human placental cells sensitive to Roundup. 

>Fewer bees in GM crops  3/2005 
  Study found butterfly numbers dropped by 75 per cent and bee populations by 50 per cent in crops of GM canola. 

>GM corn in 40% of US fields could play role 
  Here's the only GM & CCD report I could find, a 2001-2004 German study discontinued for lack of funds. 

 >Potential Impacts of GM Plants on Bee Health
   6/2002 Extensive government biotech review on genetically modified plants and bee products.  PDF

>Bees carry GM pollen at least 2/3 mile 10/2001   "Pollen acts as a vehicle to transport genetic material throughout a plant population or into a related species."  [GM alfalfa was introduced 2004.]

>Gene Transfer: Rapeseed in Bee Gut 5/2000
   Canola is GM rapeseed oil,
>Testimony - GMO on Bees 10/2000 
   Bees may forget where their hive is located. 

>Major saftey concerns of GM crops 1999 
  "In practice, all species interacting with GM crop-plants - from decomposers and earthworms in the soil to insects, small mammals, birds and human beings - will be exposed to large quantities of proteins new to their physiology. Adverse reactions may occur in all species, including immunological or allergic responses."

>Montsanto - $60 billion into GM crops  1999  
  "Canadian researchers revealed that Monsanto had tried to fix their GM crop deal with false data and the kind heavy-handed political tactics they enjoy in US regulatory systems.  Important negative field research 'disappeared' from a review facility." 


>Sierra Club sends letter of alert 3/2007  
  "There's a possible link not being investigated. Highly respected scientists believe exposure to genetically engineered crops and their plant-produced pesticides merit serious consideration as either the cause or a contributory factor to the development and spread of CCD."

Texas A&M Honey Bee Facts:

1. Average beehive holds around 50,000 bees

2. A bee visits 15 to 100 flowers every collecting trip. 

3. Bees collect nectar from 2,000,000 flowers to make 1 pound of honey.

4. The average forager makes 1/12 th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Enjoy -- "Beauty Of The Bee" by >Leaflady..


Texas Missing Bees report? --thanks, leave with:


Vanishing Bees To Crazy Ants
The Crazy Ants are the new Mystery Animal and we started our Texas monitor in May of '08 when they were only found  in Houston.

>Crazy Ants Arrive In San Antonio   
  Crazy-ant joint task force includes U.S. and Texas agriculture departments.  Displace animals, which would rather not deal with constant swarms of ants crawling all over them. Crazy Ants are known to evict honey bees from their hives.

>Crazy Ants Pest Or Urban Annoyance  
  A species of ant that has ruined sewage pumps, fouled computers and made it difficult for homeowners to enjoy their yards has a new target: the honeybee.  The range of the so-called Rasberry crazy ant has more than doubled in the past year, creating a swath in 11 counties beginning near Houston and moving north! 
 "It really is spreading at an alarming rate and we need to do research now.  There's no time to wait."

>Crazy Ants Not Yet In Hill Country 
  Concern over the ants pushed the Environmental Protection Agency to approve pesticide fipronil (Termidor SC) to control ant populations. Approved as a crisis exemption by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

>Texas A&M Crazy Ants overview   
   Not much luck with Missing Bees, so the Aggies tackle Crazy Ants -- scary photos and Quicktime videos.

>"They’re the ant of all ants...” -- Crazy Ants!    Missing Bees and Crazy Ants --t'ain't the same ol' Texas anymore.  Expect these ants to adjust to US inland enviroment.  They eat fire ants and other bugs, constantly run. 

>Ants will eat your electronics -- Crazy Ants!
  Crazy Ants showed up in Texas on a cargo ship, have spread too far to stop.  The crazy rasberry ants can have colonies as large as fifty billion! 


2/16/07 -- Austin recorded an all-time low for this date, a freezing 20 degrees.  I didn't see any dead birds, and none reported on downtown streets. 

4/09/07 -- Friday afternoon 70 degrees, Saturday mid-30s and sleet, Sunday record low 34.  No dead birds. 

7/15/08 --Local sources have convinced me this was a Homeland Security Texas demonstration. 

1/08/07 USA DHS: "There is no credible intelligence to suggest an imminent threat to the homeland or to Austin at this time.

to NYT reader commentsMystery Animal Report: Austin's 63 Dead Birds 

Downtown Lockdown

AP photo Brian K. Diggs

Austin American-Statesman: "Unusual size of Congress Avenue die-off blamed on stress: parasites, lack of food, drop in temperature [i.e. from 50s to low 40s]."


My intuition says there’s something wrong with the Texas A&M die-off analysis.  Most weird is --these dead birds weren't poisoned.

First, I'm not worried they posed a major health threat.  

And to me it was just a timing coincidence that the bad smell in NYC story, and the dead Australian birds story bumped up against the 63 Austin dead birds.  

Also it’s timing coincidence, our usually worthless, and often dangerous Texas Legislature was having its pre-opening ceremonies.  

However, the synchronicity seeds conspiracy theories in some.   

True, it's a dramatic example of massive terror threat response that had to impress a new Texas government readying its debut session next day.  Some think it was a scalar weapons demonstration.   A terror response training exercise.

But such politics are not the concern of the Texas Mystery Animal page.

Our concern is the 63 dead birds...that weren't poisoned.  The most prominent of in-town, city birds.  Three species.  Grackles.  Pigeons.  Sparrows.  All 63 found dead on the same morning, about 3am, their bodies within a two block stretch on the main north-south route in Austin.  A street dead-ending at the state Capitol steps. 

My home is eleven miles east of this scene, in the nearby countryside.  A pristine bird watching area.  We have sparrows and we have great blue herons, you see grackles, crows, vultures, hear doves cooing, owls hooting. 

Even though it got below freezing and iced over for two days, I’ve yet to find a single dead bird.  I’ve looked everywhere for them.  Realizing, it’s harder to find a dead bird in a field and woods I’ve searched very carefully.  Checked all the dirt roads.

Phoned my friends who live in different parts of Austin and no one has seen a dead bird.   

Lived here two decades, never before heard of Austin waking up and finding 63 dead birds.  Or for that matter, a dozen.  May have happened, but….   
So, I find it almost preposterous Texas A&M claims these 63 birds died from “….parasite infestation, lack of food and a drop in temperature.”  .

That’s like saying a pneumonia patient died of a collapsed lung.  

Use some logic.  Not what symptom did they die ofbut what caused these birds to all die together, in one place?   

There are a few others who question the Official Austin Dead Bird Report diagnosing "natural causes" KXAN TV (Austin, Texas).

Obviously if parasitic and hungry birds croak so easily, we'd find them every time the temperature dipped into the thirties.  

Oris Bracken

PS:  Re Dead birds rain down on towns half a world apart.  Both the Australian and Austin dead birds showed signs of hunger.  Aussi and Austin birds had empty stomachs. 


Downtown Austin OK After Dead Bird Scare:
NEWS 8 TV video  (Austin, Texas).

A&M Finds Cause Of Mysterious Dead Birds:
>KEYE TV video   (Austin, Texas)


FYIState director of the A&M Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service, biologist, Michael Bodenchuk, said, although large die-offs among thousands of birds of the same species that roost together are common in nature, our Austin incident is unique:   "It's just a weird kind of die-off to have multiple species, all in one night."   

FYI:  Dr. M. Scott Echols, an avian specialist at Westgate Pet and Bird Hospital was surprised by the diagnosis. "....parasite deaths usually affect a random bird in the populationIt's rare to see them all drop dead at once."

FYI:  University of Texas bird expert David Hillis was also surprised by the findings   He found it strange that three species of birds died of parasites, which usually vary among species, in such a confined area.

Austin dead bird report? --thanks, leave with:


Coming Soon in Room 322
The Legendary White Armadillo!
[Hoping to capture this mystery animal on video for you and post in Room 322.  No luck yet.]


Room 322

to Seneca White Deer

Photo from folks who live on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas.

"A very eventful day around here... A once in many lifetimes experience!  This lil' feller run out in front of our car, thought it was a lost baby goat. Stopped to get it, and WOW. A real Albino Whitetail Fawn. Just hours old, but doing fine. No Mama deer around. Another car nearly hit it in front of us.

Well, he is THE neatest thing any of us ever saw. And such a rarity of nature that fewer than one in a million are born.  He took to his bottle of food and followed us around the house, doing great. 

I called our friend the game warden and he came right over.  So, the little white deer is gone now.  Maybe he will make it in captivity somewhere and be appreciated.  So rare...sure wanted to keep him, but, not the thing to do. And not legal either.

My children called him POWDER.

He was SO small. That's my shoe lying beside him... cool is that?"

Powder, with your nose so bright -- won't you guide my dreams tonight?


A finely written child's fantasy book  
>The White Deer by James Thurber   

White Deer are considered magical animals of legend, here's one of many tales -- Chickasaw People of Oklahoma:
Ghost of the White Deer   


The two white fawn photos above, in themselves, are a Texas mystery animal Web-phenomenon.  My sister sent them to me.  The photographer's name remains unknown and is perhaps withheld.  Google reports these pictures featured in two hundred different blogs.  Some claim this rare white deer was found near Beaumont, others say outside Conroe.  Most bloggers report north Bolivar Peninsula.  I estimate the photos were taken between February and April of 2005.



White deer photo info? --thanks, leave with:


You are THE Mystery Animal.


Texas Mystery Animal Archive follows UFO

Room 322
eXclusive Report: 3 Texas Photos Compared

[click on black UFO photos for eXtra views]

Similarities in discriptions of the O'Hare Airport UFO and Texas black UFO photos.

Chicago Tribune: 

"This sighting occurred during daylight, about 4:30 p.m., just before sunset.

All witnesses said the object was dark gray and well defined in the overcast skies. They said the craft, estimated by different accounts to be 6 feet to 24 feet in diameter, did not display any lights.

Some said looked like a rotating Frisbee, while others said it did not appear to be spinning. All agreed the object made no noise and it was at a fixed position in the sky, just below the 1,900-foot cloud deck."  [Much like the S.Todd Jones black ufo photo below.]


>Cigar Shaped Texas Black UFO Sighting   



8/9/1762 - Basle, Switzerland - Two astronomers see huge, dark--spindle-shaped--object passing in front of sun’s disk.

4/6/1856 - Colmar, France - Black UFO ‘aerial torpedo’ seen in sky, with one end pointed the other round.  

9/7/1877- Indiana, USA - Multiple black UFO seen crossing the sky.

11/1/1899 - Dumfries, Scotland - Two circular black UFO seen crossing sky in daylight.

4/12/1998 - Texas. USA - Sunday, 11AM - Air Force veteran, Mike H., and family were driving north on Interstate Highway 35 northwest of Dallas..

As he drove through the suburb of Farmers Branch (population 24,250), Mike reported, "I spotted a round-shaped black UFO flying very fast and just below the clouds. The object looked quite small to me, less than the size of a pencil held at arm's length. But due to the height, even a large object would look small."  

Motorists kept the UFO in view as they drove the LBJ Freeway.   "The object was moving faster than we were," Mike reported. "Our vehicle was moving approximately 65 miles per hour, and the object moved past us in the same direction and within ten seconds was out of sight." (Email Interview) (Editor's Comment: Ten seconds to the horizon would mean an estimated speed of 1,440 miles per hour.)

[Mike H. report thanks to: Spacepub]


Texas Black UFO

Room 322 sent this South Texas photo taken by S. Todd Jones to four people, unbeknownst to each, and did not mention black UFO in the sky.  Only asked what they thought of his picture.  Yet each reply referenced the black thing, called it a UFO--

enlargeKarnes County


Commenting on his Karnes County UFO photo: Todd Jones.  RTF 

Contact Todd:

Texas Twins In Kaufman & Karnes Counties

Web surfing came across Kaufman County UFO photo (Northeast Texas) seen below, posted by Brian Vike,  I immediately noted amazing similarities to the Karnes County South-central Texas photo. 

Both photographers were inspired to snap an unusual cloud formation.  The black UFO were caught on film ... but neither man noticed until seeing developed prints. 

These two apparently identical UFO were recorded about two hindered miles and two years apart! 

to Kaufman County reportN-EAST


Enlarge in B&WSOUTH


to KLTV in East TexasN-EAST



N-East photos © LAWWALK South © SToddJones

KLTV TV 5/13/05
>Northeast Texas a UFO Hotbed! archive shows Kaufman County Texas UFO activity; videos by same photographer who snapped the NE Texas black UFO.  Excellent, shakeycam. 

>You Tube has Flash version of Northeast Texas UFO special report from KLTV news.  Notice--at the one minute mark-- black UFO underside against a grey sky.

>Unexplained-Mysteries forum's responses to the KLTV special Texas UFO report, noted above.

>You Tube again in Northeast Texas: this time see a Dallas black UFO against greyish sky, shakeycam 2004.


A second anomaly (almost not detected) in the South Central Texas Coast photo of Todd Jones shows four white dots near the black UFO.  I am told that MUFON investigators often see such whitish spots in UFO photos.  Some think they may act as sensors or buoys for the larger objects.  The dots are definitely there and enlarged they are round or spherical and white.

enlarge - embossedFour White Orbs With Black UFO

Here is revealing feedback by an experienced observer: Overview of the the S. Todd Jones UFO photo.  RTF

zoomNegative Greyscale Contrast Shows
Core of UFO
Black Not Just Dark Like Clouds.

This room 322 Texas UFO report  features an original photo sighting by STJ, a man I have known many years.  I have no doubt as to the authenticity of the material.

Oris Bracken

 Texas Black UFO photos? --thanks, leave info with:


NEW- 11/16/17
>San Antonio Eyewitness News text report  
  The flying monster of South Texas. 

Birdzilla has been part of South Texas lore for msny years.  I recall sightings circa 1970 and local news stories generated -- 18 foot wingspan.  One was seen walking on the ground!  Back then San Antonio media called this giant raptor Big Bird.  

Here's a scholarly book by Texas cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard on the history of birdzilla:
>Big Bird! - Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters 

UPDATE - Mystery Animal 

Phylis Canion

Room 322 

                                    [Cryptozoology Primer]

Haunted America Tours
Hounds From Hell Roam Texas  
 The name Chupacabra is from the mystery animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. Physical descriptions of the creature vary. From alien like with large red eyes, to that of dog or coyote like creatures. Recent discoveries s in Texas points them being hybrid creatures part canine part worlf or wild dog species.

KSAT TV San Antonio
Frozen Carcass Of Texas Chupacabra  

Telegraph UK
Body Of Chupacabra  
 Two men in Texas believe they may have discovered the body of a mythical beast rumoured to suck all the blood out of its prey.    

>Chupacabra Skull   
  UFO legend, and former head of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Walt Andrus brought the San antonio chapter a skull of one of the hairless Mystery Animals killed in Texas. 

KENS TV San Antonio - CNN
Chupacabra in Cuero Police Video

>Carcass Adds To Texas Chupacabra Lore  
  Mystery continues: "The guy called me, and he said 'I got one, you want it?' So he brings it in, and I'm saying, 'Whoa, dude, this one looks like mine!'

KENS TV San Antonio 
Rancher Canion gets 2nd DNA results  
  "Tested one of three lavender-colored, dog-like, mystery animals that Cuero residents found last July."  They report a hybrid (or mutant) - dog, coyote and Mexican wolf. 

StrangeSanAntonio blog 
>Rancher Canion wants another DNA test  
  Sends a Texas Mystery Animal tooth to University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

San Antonio Express-News 
>Mystery Animal found near Cuero a coyote 

KENS TV broadband
>Video of Cuero Mystery Animal story   
  This is San Antonio TV station that paid for the DNA test.  

>Cuero, Texas "chupacabras" a Mangy Coyote 
  Detailed Linda Moulton Howe report.  The photo of a mangy coyote doesn't look like the Mystery Animal that I saw; it just looks like the average mangy coyote.   

San Marcos Daily Record
>Chupacabras DNA at Texas State University?  
  Professor Pence: “While we don’t have the skull, from the photos we have seen we can tell you that it’s a canid, it’s in the dog family Canidae.” 

Texas Chupacabras is Mayan Xoloitzcuintli    
  Close, but no banana.  The Mystery Beast I saw had shorter forelegs, overbite with fangs.  It could have been a xolo or a greyhound but deformed.  Multiple sightings far apart in time and space--yet all in Texas--make me think it's breeding.  --O. B. 8/7/07

KENS TV: Mystery Animal Gets DNA Test
>DNA results by mid-September     
  + KENS video report on San Antonio Big Bird

Victoria Advocate
Chupacabras, coyote or breeding eXperiment   
  South Texas is area of the first Mystery Beast summer sighting, 2004.  Phylis Canion experiments with live chicken, says may be bloodsucker. 

The Cuero Record
>"A strange hairless, fanged creature...."  

  My best 'orthodox' guess: A new coydog strain has mutated and spread through Texas.  Oris Bracken 7/24/07

[2/3/08 - My guess has proved accurate, there is Mexican Wolf mixed in.]

This NE Texas Chupacabras photo is the Mystery Animal I saw, note greyhound-like look matches my description.:

What Is This Creature? 

The coyote is not genetically related to the dog.  The dog's genotype points to the gray wolf.

TEXAS CHUPACABRAS made both Cryptozoology News and Paranormal News 2004 TOP TEN story lists!

San Antonio, Texas
>Devin Mcanally first sees Mystery Animal 

First Sighting

Jody Baker

>Mystery Animal the Talk of Elmendorf  

WOAI TV -- Is it a Chupacabras or not? WOAI TV is getting answers about a bizarre animal shot in Elmendorf.

Bones from a mystery animal shot by an Elmendorf rancher have been taken to an expert from the San Antonio Zoo. But can he tell what it is?

John Gramieri, the Mammal Curator at the San Antonio Zoo, doesn't think it's the Chupacabras. It's definitely unique, but he thinks it's a mix between a dog and a coyote.

Devin MacAnally shot the Elmendorf Beast after it ate dozens of his chickens. The animal has a blue-grey coloring, is almost hairless, has a short mane and large fangs.

“It's clearly a member of the dog family, a family candidate,” explains Gramieri.

Gramieri says he can't tell what type of canine, but that it could be mixed with coyote that has very weird teeth.

“For whatever reason, this animal had a very poor fusion in the front here, so it allowed that lower jaw to spread in a way that is not normal for any mammal, actually,” Gramieri told WOAI.
But what about the creature's color? A blue-grey hairless coat that's unlike any dog or coyote?

“It apparently had some very bad skin ailment,” said Gramieri. “And that skin ailment made it go bald except for the top of its body.”

So there’s no Chubacabras endorsements from the San Antonio Zoo, but MacAnally continues to believe it's something extra special. He knows its one man's opinion versus his, so he'll wait for the DNA results due back in the next few weeks to find out exactly what it is.

“I want this one to be a new species - or at least something that somebody has never seen in a cross between two different ones,” MacAnally said with a smile.

MacAnally says in the past few weeks he's gotten calls from other people claiming to have seen similar creatures around their properties. That's possible, according to the Gramieri. Gramieri believes that there are more out there.

Could It Be a Chupacabras? 

The Daily Texan
UT professor debunks Texas Chupacabra myth:
Discovery show does Elmendorf Beast bones 

Texas professor on The Chupacabras Chronicles:
>Report on Carlos G. Gomez by Cryptomundo 
>UT professor sees Chupacabras as metaphor 

KTRE TV East Texas
>Another Texas Mystery Animal Shot  

[Frightened beast, did not die easy. ]  "We shot it. I shot three times and he shot a couple times - squirrel shot - and it just ran over there and fell down.  It got back up and we shot a couple more times with buckshots and knocked it down."

KLTV TV Longview, Texas
>"...probably dealing with something familiar..."

Texas Chupacarabas at Turkey Crossing? 
teenage girl driving middle of nowhere at night 
Sighting discussion at Cryptomundo   
Original report at Unified Worlds 

"Looks like a mix between a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo."

"It had rusty-colored hair and looked unlike anything I'd seen,"

Abilene Reporter-News: Mystery Creature Shot
RTF file: Mystery Creature Shot in West Texas

This Mystery Creature was shot in a Coleman, West Texas, barnyard.  [In my opinion, they shot a young'unLikely, the "rusty colored"  animal is syill at large.  Re: *Beast of a Different Color.  It's a mystery to me why they had to kill it.]



My first sighting of the Mystery Animal occurred late Sunday afternoon in rural woods and pasture of eastern Travis county, Texas, outside Austin.

On a walk with my big yellow dog Homer we came to an old falling apart trailer home secluded  among the trees.  The dog decides to sniff other side of the abandoned house and I go to the wooden back porch and step up to the door where a big rock lay with the key underneath   When I discover the key is missing I put the rock back down with a thud.  Then I hear another thud, plus noise at the far end of the trailer.  Suddenly a large animal emerges from underneath the empty house. 

My mind worked quickly and it went like this: Wow! --large grey dog!  Big pointed ears!  No, wait . . .  Look at those long hind legs?  It’s a deer!  But its grey!  And that tail?  Front legs short back legs long? 

Then it runs off.  Homer not frightened chases after without barking.  Ten minuets later Homer comes back alone.
During my return walk down the dirt road I tried to make sense of the strange looking beast and considered greyhounds.  But greyhounds don’t have rear legs that long.  And too big for a greyhound.  Was it really grey or maybe mange?  Some kind of crossbreed or deformed dog?  If it's a dog, are those ears clipped?  Its ears stayed in my mind because they were large pointed and I thought maybe a fox?  Is this same species or breed as mystery beast of Elmendorf?  

This animal looked larger than twenty pounds, more like forty to sixty.

I didn't see the head well enough to recall if the jaw had overbite and extended teeth, but I did notice the head was long like a deer or greyhound. 

The kangaroo description fits because of the way the rear legs somewhat fold under the critter.  [my friend, Mike Ambrose laughingly dubbed it a 'vampire-kangaroo'.]  But, this one did not hop; ran on four legs. 

I mentally replayed the scene for days while walking with Homer and hoping for a second look at it.  Then I saw Stacy Womack's remarkable Pollok (aka Lufkin) photos! 

There it was!!!

And I thought again of Elmendorf; I have followed that South Texas story through San Antonio TV news.  They reported Whitley Strieber was investigating and DNA had been sent for testing.  DNA came back canine but they were unable to tell what kind. 

More to come. . . . 

Oris Bracken

Second Sighting: 11/26/04 > Driving up rural dirt road to residence rear-view mirror shows another Mystery Animal trotting by!  Smaller with darker grey coat than my first sighting.  I could distinguish the distinctive forelegs, high pointed ears.  And like the one Stacey Womak saw from her car in Pollok this too had its long tail down.


Broadband WMV video of three locations where my sightings took place:
Austin Mystery Animal Sites Video.

In 2004 it was a blue-grey beast.  Now it's a tan-red or rust colored--   

I have had two more sightings.  These are my first  since October November 2004.  Total of four sightings.  Can not say if I saw one or four different creatures.  But, my sightings physically match photos of the other Texas Mystery Animals.   Except the color has changed!

Mid-May, 2005: Once again my big dog Homer is with me as we walk through woods east of Austin when I notice he stopped and is pointing.  So I sneak up beside him to peek.  And there lying at edge of small clearing with its distinctive tall ears is the Mystery Animal!  I have been waiting for this moment and my mind snaps into rapid data collection mode.  As soon as the beast sees me it rises   Now I observe tall hind quarters and long thin tail as it turns and departs into darkness of trees.
But this creature was not grey!  Tan-red.

Close of May: Two miles east and two weeks after, Homer wanders into a clump of trees to drink at small stream.  I wait in open field.  Suddenly the Mystery Animal trots out from the wooded area!  Homer unaware.  It sees me and runs.  This time I have a long long look because the creature runs 150 yards up a grassy hill before vanishing in thicket.  There was no mistaking its profile.  And no mistaking its color was tan to red.

If these critters are coyotes with the mange as some say then I could be seeing a survivor whose coat is growing back.  On the other hand, perhaps these beasts come in different hues or change color.

Why would such a strange mange affect Texas coyotes hundreds of miles apart?  Especially why the same enlarged fangs and overbite deformities?  And why have so many experienced with Texas animals not recognized these beasts?  In my own case, surely in twenty-one years walking these woods I should have seen these weird creatures before.  

None of my sightings were close enough to tell if their jaws had the extended fangs and an overhang.  

I doubt anyone but TV reporters have called these critters Texas chupacabras.  Nevertheless they are strange looking Mystery Animals and made 2004's list of Top Ten Cryptology Stories.

Oris Bracken

Texas Mystery Animal info? --thanks, leave with:


Whitley Strieber: unknowncountry
Mystery Of The Elmendorf Beast
>New Elmendorf Beast
  Stacy Womack reported two of them, wonder if male and female?
>Texas Biologists 'Identify' Mystery Animal

Jeff Rense: rense 
>More Articles On Mystery Animals   
>The Thyalcine
>Cardiff 'Wallaby' Sighted Again

Theresa De Vito: surfingtheapocalypse
>Maryland Mystery Animal & Thyalcine  
  >Maryland Mystery Animal 2nd Sighting 
  >Maryland Wallaby Captured     
    >NBC4 LA: 
Mangy Red Fox Slideshow

Loren Colman:: lorencolman
Mystery Creatures Summer 2004
>Cryptozoo's 2004 Top 10--Elmendorf Beast #7

PS  . . . .if a mange ridden coyote with a deformed jaw, again I ask, why more than one and why over a large area?  Mutants?
>Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel Cries Coyote
Lufkin Daily News Zeroing In On Coyote
>East Texas Country World News: Coyote 
>San Antonio Express-News: Common Coyote

PPS  Professional canine mange theories abound.
>BBC Calls Cardiff  'Wallaby' A Fox


Room 322

11/16/07 - Birdzilla Flies in Texas
San Antonio:
KENS TV video: Birdzilla sighting  
>KENS TV video: Birdzilla expert  
>KENS TV text: Birdzilla in South Texas  

Because we live in Austin, we can recommend a visit to the Texas FunBelt

Texas Fun Belt News 

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